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Links vom 10.12.2017

Across Washington, the sort of theories that once elicited laughs are now finding powerful proponents. Why are Erik Prince and other self-proclaimed “nationalists” in Trump’s orbit so concerned with liberal billionaire George Soros?

Erik Prince—Trump advisor; ex-head of a murderous mercenary army; would-be head of Trump’s private spy agency; would-be head of a privatized U.S. army—is a dangerous liar. He just testified under oath. This is a live reading of the transcript. Hope you’ll read and share.

It is almost a maxim of the Trump era that the bounds of the unthinkable continuously shrink. The capitulation to Moore was a dry run for the coming assault on the rule of law.

The crowd at President Trump’s Friday night campaign rally broke into chants of “lock her up” after Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton. …“You know what they’re really resisting,” Trump continued. “They’re resisting the will of the American people.”The crowd then began chanting “lock her up,” echoing chants that were heard at Trump campaign rallies throughout the presidential election.

Conservative commentators have latched onto comments they claim compared US President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Obama said voter complacency could lead to events like WWII.

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